Hello World!

Well I have officially done something I said I’d never do: start a blog. I just never thought I had a good enough opinion on a subject that was worth creating a blog over to share my beliefs. However, I finally have an important enough topic to start a blog over, going to Colombia for a year! To answer the first question I get, without fail, after telling someone that I’m going to Colombia: yes, the country Colombia.

It didn’t fully register with me for at least two weeks that I was actually going to Colombia. I had been planning this first step of my career for over half a year now, and just could not believe it was all falling into place. It’s really happening! Finally, once the shock had subsided and it fully set in that I was going to Colombia for a year, it then registered that I should probably get going on my Español. I took Spanish from middle school (meh, doesn’t count) through my senior year of high school. I took college level Spanish courses in high school, so I did not have to take any in college. So here’s to hoping it all comes back to me pretty quickly!! I’m using the Duo Lingo ap to re-learn my Spanish (plus some) and am at “level 5” Spanish currently. I recall not particularly loving Spanish in high school (putting it nicely), but I am actually thoroughly enjoying learning Spanish right now. Perhaps it’s because I know how badly I need to be able to speak it semi-fluently once I arrive in Colombia.

Outside of my Spanish learning, I’m just finishing up this last month of college here, and working to get everything in place for my departure in August. Well, that’s it for my first ever blog post! Hopefully I get good at this so I don’t end up boring everyone who reads this for my year of service. I’ll check back in soon to let you know how amazing my Español learning is coming, and how exactly one prepares for a year of service in Colombia!


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Paul R. Frank says:

    Ok Alex, I finally got to your blog and starting reading it … Never ever have I followed a blog, but I will start. Presently, too tired to get into it,so, I will soon and hopefully I will have something to say … Blessings, your Great Uncle Paul (really)!


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