Colombia Preparations

Well, if it didn’t totally register before that I will be leaving to Colombia for a year on August 24, it has fully registered now. I am already at the point of wishing I had a bit more time to prepare for Colombia. What exactly would I do with this additional time? I’m not quite sure, but I just don’t feel like I’m completely ready to leave for my YAV year. I suppose I won’t feel like I’m ready until I am actually there though.

As plenty of you who are reading this know, I am right in the heart of my fundraising. I’ve got to admit I was pretty scared, and thought it’d be a painful experience. However, exactly the opposite is true. Literally each and every person I have spoken to has been so kind and supportive of my upcoming YAV year. I thought people would almost be annoyed that I was contacting them and the exact opposite is true, people are happy that I’m reaching out to them. Already raising such a great support group that’ll be behind me while I’m in Colombia is helping with any nerves I have.

I’m also in the process of getting as close to Spanish fluency as possible. I practice Spanish for at least an hour a day, sometimes a bit more, on a great app called Duo Lingo. There is an app for my computer and phone, so I can practice on the go. At this point the only part of Colombia that makes me slightly nervous is the Spanish. While I know a lot of nouns, verbs, adjectives and the like, it is completely different to put all those words into smooth sounding sentences, and quickly on the fly. I’m beginning to understand that when I first arrive in Colombia I will be able to understand most everything that people are saying, but speaking back will be a different matter entirely. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to communicate what I need to say, it will just be slow and choppy.

In other exciting news I should be getting my exact assignment in Colombia within a few days. We were told the middle of July is when we will figure out exactly what we are doing, and where in Colombia that will be. While originally I was very headstrong about what type of work I’d like to do, I no longer care all that much. Which is quite funny really because that was part of the reason I originally chose the YAV program. Definitely starting to see God’s plan in all of this. And besides no matter what work placement I get I’ll be doing what I love: helping others!!


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